Morning Matcha Latte (iced)

I have totally become a full blown matcha lover, and have almost completely phased coffee out of my daily routine. Let me tell you – one cup of this stuff energizes me ALL day, with no after-lunch crash. Its amazing, and so worth a try! If you’re not sure where to pick some up at, try your local HomeGoods (it’s the most magical place on Earth). They typically have several matcha options at discounted prices. If you do not have a magical HomeGoods near you, but you’d still like to give matcha a shot, check out OMG! Matcha. That’s the brand I snagged from HomeGoods and I really like it.

There are so many matcha latte recipes out there on the internet, but many of them require fancy tools (like special matcha-specific whisks), or call for a blender. I’m not about that life. I leave for work early in the morning, and have several roommates that I don’t want to wake up. Mixing my matcha latte up in a blender and heating water up on the stove just aren’t practical for me. Plus, who really wants to clean a blender every day? All you need for my recipe is a frother.

My recipe is not fancy. It’s easy, fast, tasty and gets the job done. But, when I say tasty, I don’t mean it tastes like a mocha frappuccino – it tastes like matcha and all of its earthy goodness. I also add Vital Proteins collagen to my morning matcha. Collagen has a bunch of health benefits but is essentially your hair, skin & nail’s best friend, and it’s tasteless.

Morning Matcha Latte

Morning Matcha

An easy matcha recipe for busy mornings.

  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk (or milk of choice)
  • 1/3 cup hot water
  • 2 TSP matcha powder
  • 1 scoop collagen
  • ice
  1. Heat water in whatever way works best for you I(‘m pretty lazy and just use the hot water out of my sink). The water needs to be warm/hot in order for the matcha and collagen to dissolve.

  2. Once you’ve got hot water, add the matcha and collagen powder. I use 2 (sometimes heaping) teaspoons of matcha, and it is more than enough to keep me wide awake and refreshed all day.

  3. This is where it gets tricky – matcha does not always dissolve with out a fight! Thoroughly mix the matcha and collagen powder with the water. A frother is a simple and easy way to get the job done. 

  4. Once mixed, add the almond milk, mix (or froth again if you have a frother!), and pour over ice.

Now that I have the frother and my fancy sink water trick, this takes me all of 3 minutes to make in the morning. I’m telling you – if you’ve heard all the great things about matcha, but just haven’t given it a try, you should really try it out for a week. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

Happy sipping. : )

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