Healthy Snack Packs


Healthy Snack Packs

Maple Peach Snack Pack

I don’t know about you, but I don’t just love snacks – I need snacks. The Snack Monster starts growling in my stomach around 10 am each day at work, and you better believe I’ll be knuckle deep in the candy jar in no time if I’m not prepared with snacks brought from home.

Choosing healthy snacks is hard; not because they taste bad, but because most of the “healthy” granola bars or trail mix options at the grocery store are total junk and the options that are actually healthy are stupid expensive. What’s a girl to do? Well, if you’ve read any of my other posts, you may have learned that I really, really love HomeGoods. It’s a magical place that sells far more than just cute pillows and lamps. They have an entire section devoted to “specialty” foods that is jam packed with healthy snacks at a discounted price.

I’ve learned that I do not have very much self control when I walk into HomeGoods, so I’ve given myself some rules: the only thing I can purchase at full price is matcha powder, any other purchases must be selected from the “clearance” rack. If I don’t control myself in that place I could (and have) easily walk out of there spending 100 dollars.

Healthy Snack Packs

Peanut Butter Apricot Snack Pack

The clearance rack is where I find all of my healthy snacks for work – dried fruits, toasted coconut shavings, roasted pumpkin seeds, nuts, etc. I stock up on a variety of these items (that I snag for 2 – 3 dollars a bag) and each week I put together pre-portioned “snack packs” that I bring with me to work for guilt free snacking. In addition to the goodies I grab from HomeGoods, I also include 1/3 of an RX Bar into each snack pack as well. I love RX Bars and you should too. They aren’t you’re average protien bar, and unlike most granola bars, they are not full of added sugar.

This post is not really a recipe, but really just a tip on some healthy snacking options. By making your own snack packs, you can ensure that you’re having a healthy snack when your Snack Monster starts growling. Just be sure to read the labels of the items you choose to make sure they don’t have added sugars or weird ingredients in them, and to pre-portion your snack packs so you don’t go into a snack-coma. Below I have included some of my favorite RX Bars, and some of my favorite treats that I snag from HomeGoods. The portions I typically use can be seen in the two pictures included in this post.


Happy snacking!


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