Morning Matcha Latte (hot)

Morning Matcha Latte

Morning Matcha Latte

Matcha tea and I started our love affair earlier this year, when the sun was shining and the air was hot. All summer long I made an iced matcha latte each morning and drank it on the way to work. My old squeeze, coffee, just didn’t compare. I found that matcha tea gave me long-lasting energy with out the jitters, whereas coffee would help me out for a couple hours only to have me crash after lunch.

But summer doesn’t last forever. As the air began to chill I found myself missing the warmth of a nice hot cup of coffee. Did I break things off with coffee too soon? Could we work it out? I didn’t have a solid recipe for a hot matcha latte, after all. So matcha and I went on a break.

But who was I kidding? Matcha still held my heart. Every morning when I took a sip of coffee, matcha was on my mind. How could I leave matcha? Why didn’t I try harder to make it work? All I needed was to figure out how to make a quick and tasty version of my iced recipe. I’m happy to say, I’ve done it! I have gotten into my hot matcha groove, and matcha and I are stronger than ever.

Morning Matcha Latte

Morning Matcha Latte

The issue I had with the transition from an iced matcha latte to hot, was time. The base for my iced matcha latte is almond milk, with only a tad bit of water. I don’t have time to heat up (and then clean) a sauce pan of almond milk every morning, and I don’t particularly care for matcha when it’s only mixed with hot water.

So what’s a girl to do? I found a balance! This recipe for a hot latte has the same exact ingredients as my iced recipe: matcha, almond milk, water, and collagen. I’ve just adjusted the ratio of water to almond milk, and learned how to make a frothy foam topper! The collagen is optional, I GUESS. However, for me, leaving collagen out is not an option as it provides so many wonderful benefits to my hair, skin and nails. I also like to add a spoonful coconut oil to the hot version from time to time as well.

How do I make a frothy foam topper you ask? I use my handheld milk frother! It’s an inexpensive little contraption that has made my life with matcha oh so easy. There are a bunch of fancy tools you can buy for making matcha tea, however I think they are expensive, easy to lose/break, and unnecessary. All you need is a frother! I use the frother twice to make this latte: once to dissolve the matcha and collagen with the hot water, and then again to froth the almond-milk topper.

Okay so lets get to it.


  • 1 cup hot water
  • 1/2 cup almond milk (I use unsweetened vanilla)
  • 2 TSP matcha
  • Optional:


  • Heat water using your preferred method;  I use a coffee maker.
  • Warm almond milk in microwave for ~45 seconds in a microwave safe container.
  • Place matcha, collagen, and coconut oil in a mug or cup.
  • To dissolve the matcha, fill the mug with half of the hot water and use the frother* to combine the ingredients.
    • A whisk or fork will also get the job done, just not as well.
    • If using a blender, just add all of the water and blend.
  • Once matcha is fully dissolved, add the rest of the water and half of the warm almond milk. Give the mixture one more quick mix with the frother.
  • Foam topper: Using the frother, froth the almond milk until the milk increases in size and becomes foamy. Once foamy, pour on top of latte.

If you do not have a frother, but would like to have one – I recommend purchasing it online. When I was shopping around for a frother, I visited several stores without ever coming across a frother. All that I could find were expensive bundle options that included several products in addition to the frother. By clicking image below, you can browse frother options on amazon!

Happy Sipping!

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  1. I visited my sister in Japan and they are obsessed with matcha. It wasn’t really my thing, but she sure did love it. The matcha ice cream was her favorite.

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