Reduce Food Waste and Hunger with Hungry Harvest

Have you ever noticed that grocery stores are always stocked with perfectly shaped, perfectly colored produce? Have you ever wondered how farmers manage to consistently grow produce that is uniform in size, shape and color? It’s not science, and it’s not magic. The truth is that farmers do not consistently grow produce that is perfect. Their produce is just like the produce we harvest from our backyard gardens or local pick-your-own farms; some of it is perfect, while the rest is oddly sized, misshapen, or non-uniform in color.

What do you think happens to the mass amount of food that doesn’t fit the grocery store’s mold of perfection? It’s still perfectly edible food, right? Right! But unfortunately that perfectly edible food usually ends up getting tossed. That doesn’t seem like the most logical plan since there are millions of people living in our country who don’t have access to fresh food. So why are we as a society consistently throwing away perfectly edible food when there are so many people who need it?

Food waste and hunger are two issues that are not easily solved. However, when people come together to solve an issue, progress and change can happen. That’s what Hungry Harvest is doing. Hungry Harvest is an amazing non-profit that sources unwanted food from farmers, wholesalers, and grocery stores and delivers it to your door through a weekly subscription service.

“We believe that no food should go to waste and no person should go hungry. That’s why we source 🍐, hand pack and securely deliver delicious boxes of rescued produce on a weekly and bi-weekly basis. For every delivery, we empower a family in need by providing access to affordable fruits & veggies through our Produce in a SNAP program and through donations to local community organizations.”– Hungry Harvest

As of September 2017, Hungry Harvest has recovered 4 million pounds of produce, and has donated 500,000 pounds of produce to local communities and reduced-cost markets.

Hungry Harvest refers to each of their subscribers as a “hero,” and the nickname could not be more accurate. Every single week, each Hungry Harvest hero helps Hungry Harvest rescue over 100,000 pounds of food.  With every box, each subscriber is making a huge difference on a weekly basis:

Hungry Harvest

I have been a Hungry Harvest hero for over two years now, which means I have received over 100 boxes of recovered produce. Let’s do some math.

In two years, I have saved more than:

1,000 pounds of food

1,500 gallons of water

400 pounds of greenhouse emissions

That’s a pretty big deal. Thanks to Hungry Harvest, I, as one single individual leading a normal life, have been able to save more than 1,000 pounds of food from going to the landfill just by ordering groceries online. It’s so simple, and you’d be amazed at how beautiful and delicious “ugly” food can be. Hungry Harvest isn’t only saving fruits and veggies from the trash. They’re also rescuing eggs, cheese, yogurt, bread, oatmeal, salad dressings, pesto, and even packaged snacks like chocolate covered raisins.

It’s absolutely insane what our society views as waste. So why not join in with the solution to food waste and hunger? By coming together, WE can make a giant difference. Take a look at the images below to see what a difference we can make in just 1 year if each current subscriber encouraged a friend to join:

I want as many people to join Hungry Harvest as possible, so to sweeten the pot, I have a discount code to share with all of you. Visit their website to learn more, and use the code HERO5 at checkout to receive $5 off your first order.

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